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The LIMR Chemical Genomics Center (LCGC) is housed at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR), founded in 1929 at Lankenau Medical Center. We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure to scientists worldwide for accelerating early-stage pharmaceutical R&D. One of the special technologies is orthogonal pooled screening (OPS). It enables scientists to test large collections of compounds 500% more efficiently to identify first-in-class drug leads for challenging medical indications. A novel application called ultra-HTS for Synergy (uHTSS) provides scientists with unprecedented potential to reveal synergistic drug combinations for "orphan" diseases. Our resources also provide a foundation for innovative public-private partnering initiatives in pharmaceutical R&D.

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Technologies and research services


  • Rare Chemical Collection—Proprietary library of 104,000 unique compounds filtered for drug-likeness is now available on assay-ready plates in the OPS format.
  • Unprecedented efficiency—500% improved efficiency and 80% cost reduction are guaranteed, with zero overhead burden. Ideal for resource-intensive cell assays or assays using expensive reagents.
  • Validated Turnkey Systems—Automated compound management and data deconvolution provides structure-activity reports with fast turnaround.

Orthogonal-Pooled Screening (OPS)

Intelligent compound-pooling guarantees successful outcomes while reducing cost, time and overhead by 80%.

  • Provides medicinal chemists just-in-time new scaffolds for key decision making on lead drug and backup-candidate development.
  • Screens five targets for the equivalent cost and effort of a single screen.

Ultra-HTS for Synergy

New paradigm in combinatorial drug discovery.

  • Elegant method to identify unexpected (i.e., patentable) synergistic drug combinations.
  • Applicable to branded, generic and OTC drugs. Suitable for pharmaceutical repositioning, ChemAg applications and nutraceutical R&D.
  • "Drug combination boxes" are now available representing the pharmacological compendium of FDA-approved drugs and nutraceuticals.
  • 15:1 compression = 1500% improved efficiency
  • Special combination boxes for "conditioned HTS" (e.g., synthetic-lethal).
  • Unprecedented potential for identifying binary and ternary combinations.

Automated Compound Repository

State-of-the-art, automated storage and retrieval system preserves quality of chemical assets and supports focused drug discovery and pharmacophore modeling.

  • Innovative robotic repository (issued two U.S. patents) stores and distributes chemical assets — with no freeze-thaw cycling.
  • Preserves sample quality indefinitely; optimal for compound management or DNA storage and other biorepository applications.
  • Storage and retrieval capacity for 10 million samples with high-throughput pick rates of up to 10,000/day.
  • Available at no additional cost to our OPS users, providing access to our unique compound collections and services.

Compound Libraries

The Core FMC Collection of 104,000 drug-like small molecules was the proprietary R&D asset of a top-tier Chem-Ag company.

  • First-ever proprietary ChemAg library made available to scientists for pharmaceutical R&D.
  • Contains thousands of unique scaffolds not available anywhere else.
  • Analysis by HPLC/MS demonstrates the collection meets a high QC/QA benchmark.
  • Computationally filtered library considered "drug-like" by "Lipinski Rules" and many other drug-filtering algorithms. An example of the cheminformatic profiling is shown.

LCGC HTS libraries also include these other sets:

  • ChemBridge — 100,000 compounds assembled from the 50,000-member DIVERSet™-EXP library, plus the 50,000-compound DIVERSet™-CL library
  • Life Chemicals Inc — 50,000 compounds selected to complement overall diversity.
  • MicroSource Pharmakon — 1,760 combines the 1,360 drugs in its U.S. drug collection with the 400 drugs from the international drug collection.
  • MicroSource Spectrum — ~1,000 bioactive compounds and natural product analogs.
  • NCI-Approved Oncology Set — 166 of the most current FDA-approved anticancer drugs.
  • Nutraceuticals — ~150 individual neat powders acquired from Sigma, Cayman and other vendors.
  • Misc. — ~8,000 compounds acquired from other commercial vendors, primarily ChemDiv and TimTec.

LIMR Chemical Genomics Center


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