Researcher in the lab

LIMR’s resident faculty members are engaged in:

At LIMR, we employ a unique mix of knowledge-based academic culture with invention-based entrepreneurialism. We call it an ACAPRENEURIAL™ strategy, and it is unique in the United States. We tightly integrate non-profit basic research and clinical activities in the same facility as for-profit biotechnology companies. Indeed, several successful biomedical start-up companies have incubated in LIMR side-by-side with our research laboratories.

Our collaborative environment for high-caliber physicians, scientists, biotech CEOs and CSOs supports a translational conduit to convert preclinical discoveries into clinical investigations and vice versa. The robust environment at LIMR has led to multiple "bench-to-bedside" success stories.

Primary Research Programs


At LIMR we engage in basic, preclinical and clinical cancer research. Today, our main focus of research is on disease modifiers that affect inflammation and immunity. Our researchers are world-renowned experts on tumor microenvironments and immune responses — in fact, we are at the forefront of the immunotherapy revolution.

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Cardiovascular disease

At LIMR, we engage in basic, preclinical and clinical cardiovascular research, and we work closely with our colleagues at the Lankenau Heart Institute, one of the top-performing cardiovascular medicine and surgery centers in the country.

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Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center facilitates collaboration for clinical studies on all disorders. It centralizes oversight, offers support services and promotes research initiatives within the Main Line Health system. Under its auspices are the Center for Clinical Cancer Research and the Center for Clinical Cardiology.

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Center for Population Health Research

Founded in 2016, the Main Line Health Center for Population Health Research (CPHR) at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research is a joint collaboration between Main Line Health and Thomas Jefferson University's College of Population Health.

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Other conditions

In conjunction with our core research programs in cancer and cardiovascular disease, LIMR investigators also study arthritis, diabetes, lupus, infectious disease, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disease, regenerative medicine and population health — all with the goal of improving health and well-being.

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