LIMR Incubator Success Stories

Learn about the successes of companies that have incubated and spun off as a result of LIMR’s ACAPRENEURIALTM approach.

Duet Therapeutics

Telesis Therapeutics LLC

  • Acquires rights to one of Institute's antimetabolite drug technologies for cancer treatment (2015)
  • LIMR's first minority-owned licensee
  • Key supporters include Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the Frederick National Cancer Laboratory, a division of the National Cancer Institute

Genisphere LLC

  • Collaborates with LIMR faculty members in co-inventing a set of experimental therapies based on the company's 3DNA nanoparticle technology (2012)
  • Acquired by Code Biotherapeutics, which continues to advance these co-inventions' development with LIMR (2021)

CD Diagnostics

  • Started by Lankenau orthopedic surgeon Carl Deirmengian, MD, to develop his point-of-care infection detection device used during joint replacement surgery (2010)
  • Acquired by Zimmer Bionet (2016)
  • Company's paradigm-shifting product, Synovasure®, receives FDA approval (2019)


  • Launched by LIMR's Scott Dessain, MD, PhD, to develop his powerful human antibody cloning technology (2007)
  • Goes public (2020)

LIMR Development Inc.

  • LIMR's first fully owned spin-out (2007)
  • Licenses the Institute's IDO2 gene, antibody and drug technology for commercial development (2007)
  • Acquired by NewLink Genetics (2009)

CureDM Inc.

  • LIMR's first all-female-led and first "spin-in" company
  • Advances development of diabetes treatment technology pioneered by Lankenau endocrinologist Claresa Levatan, MD, et al. in cooperation with LIMR's Lisa Laury-Kleintop, PhD (2006)
  • Acquired by Boston Therapeutics Inc. (2018), which merges with Nanomix Inc. (2021)

NewLink Genetics Corp.

  • Conducts research at LIMR, opening clinical trials that include Main Line Health (2005-2011)
  • Acquires LIMR Development Inc. (2009)
  • Acquired by Lumos Pharma (2020)

OncoRx Corp.

  • First company incubated at LIMR (2003)
  • Licenses Institute's IDO drug technology for cancer immunotherapy (2003)
  • Acquired by NewLink (2005)