Center for Human Antibody Technology

Monoclonal antibodies now comprise a major group of medicines, encompassing a multi-billion dollar market with diverse uses in research, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. At present, such antibodies are generated from rodents and must be “humanized” for therapeutic use. Pure human antibodies are expected to offer many clinical benefits, but methods to generate them have been elusive.

The Center for Human Antibody Technology (CHAT) is a core facility that uses a powerful human antibody cloning platform technology developed by LIMR’s Scott Dessain, MD, PhD. CHAT uses this platform along with a state-of-the-art, high throughput antibody production and screening facility to produce human antibodies for use in the treatment of infectious disease, cancer and neurological illnesses.

CHAT is available as a regional resource to provide academic investigators with the opportunity to create their own human antibody therapeutics.

For more information, contact Scott Dessain, MD, PhD, at 484.476.6516 or [email protected].